Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Ooof, umpf

…According to the New York Times (Nov 18, 2006), in a story by Anahad O’Connor, a guy in Wappingers Falls, NY, got thrown out of his gym for … how to put this…grunting.

…The man had 500 lbs on his shoulders at the time.

…He said he was not grunting, just breathing heavily.

…Oooo, she didn’t like that—and tossed him! Or tried to.

…When he continued lifting, she called the cops.

…He is a corrections officer and now his colleagues call him anonymously and grunt. He is suing.

…OK, pretty funny, unless it’s you in a petty confrontation with someone who fancies they are the boss of you.

…But this is Planet Fitness, the story explains. They are strict!

…You also can get your card torn up for wearing a bandana or dropping weights.

…These offenses trigger an earsplitting “lunk alarm.”

…A physical therapist was quoted as saying grunting increases force 2% to 5%.

…The real story, one authority said, was that the club was trying to weed out people who were too serious because they made the others feel bad.

…Plus, HA suspects he rubbed the bossy cow manager the wrong way and probably made Tim the Tool Man noises at her.

…HA made that last part up.

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