Friday, November 03, 2006

Ow, your achin'

…The National Athletic Trainers’ Association recommends 10 steps to prevent back pain.

…HA woke up with this a few years ago and called the doctor. They said not even to come in, that is was normal when you got old.

…Well, that advice got old!

…To prevent back pain, realize that your body may be out of alignment, with powerful muscle groups tensing up and pulling more in one direction than another. Are you stressed, sitting all crabbed over?

…Make yourself mobile. Stretch, walk, do yoga, swim, try tai chi or Pilates.

…Increase your strength, especially in the core muscles in the stomach, back, hips, and pelvis.

…Add aerobic exercise 20 mins a day 3 times a week—get your heart rate up.

…Watch that posture! Get up every 15-30 mnutes. Buy a new chair.

…Stand up straight—uncoil your neck and shoulders. Make a conscious effort.

…When lifting something heavy off the floor, bend your legs, keep your back straight, hold the item as close to you as possible and flex the big thigh muscles to do the work.

…Sleep on a decent mattress.

…Warm up before doing anything physical. Increase muscle temperature.

…Of course, lose weight and stop smoking. That’s a given, though it’s hard gettin’ it.

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