Monday, November 27, 2006

Potatoes getting mashed

…With a low-rent nickname like “spud” it may serve it right, but the potato has fallen on hard times, according to Michael Martinez, writing in the Chicago Tribune.

…The tater didn’t even make it onto the Idaho version of the commemorative quarter.

…They used the peregrine falcon. What did this vengeful fowl ever do for Idaho? That is just wrong.

…Then—get this!--some butthead legislator tried to get “Famous Potatoes” taken off the license plate!

…What the patoot?

…Yes, taties have fallen so much in public and nutritional esteem that many farmers went out of business.

…Now they have formed sort of a cartel to keep prices up.

…This year, the crop rose 2.1%. Prices have gone from $2.50 per hundred lbs to $7-$9.

…Now people are getting worried about a little too much price “support,” if you will.

…Potatoes began to get bad press when they were declared higher on the glycemic index than a Danish. Meaning, the carbs in them sped into the bloodstream faster, then dropped out.

…Eating low on the glycemic index, by the way, is not really supported by research to be a good way to lose weight.

…Potatoes also contain a ton of vits and minerals.

…And if you don’t douse them in too much deep fat, butter, or sour cream, you can get away with them as a tasty side dish.

…Darn tasty.

…Try that with a stringy old falcon!

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