Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Silicone roulette

…The govt has ended the 14-yr ban on silicone gel boobs.

…Reportedly women are clamoring for these and if they are over 22 or need breast reconstruction, it’s OK with the FDA.

…Apparently, this clears up those thousand of anecdotal reports of silicone implants oozing or breaking and the silicone migrating around the body and destroying women’s immune systems.

…The FDA is requiring the makers to complete a 10-yr study of safety and start a new 10-yr study of 40,000 women (who will be testing these again on an unofficial basis).

…Oh, and--women who get these should get regular MRIs throughout their lives to see if the goo-filled bags are leaking, the so-called silent leaks.

…Sure, MRIs! Check! No problem there!

…HA is shaking her head as you can tell from the tone of this.

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