Friday, November 17, 2006

Smarten up kids with breakfast

…HA lives in AZ, where the frost rarely is on the cacti, but rumor has it that the cold winds are beginning to blow elsewhere.

…So how do we send the little ones off to school primed for their best day?

…According to School Reform News (Nov 1, 2006), a healthy breakfast can make kids learn better by stabilizing blood sugar and feeding those brain cells.

…They say the writers at HealthKidsCatalog, recommend turning off the TV at breakfast. Staring at the tube makes kids fork in too many cals.

…Feed them skim milk instead of whole, whole wheat instead of gummywonder, and eggs whites versus whole eggs.

…HA wonders if this is how to put kids on a reducting diet or charge them up…?

…Let us continue. Parents, these people say, could put their own choice of candy in the cereal box as a prize. Adding dry fruit—they say—also makes kid like the cardboardy kind better.

…HA added the cardboardy…She hates that stuff with all the gravel and stuff in it. Silage! That’s it!

…Start a fruit of the week plan. Kids love fruit (they say).

…In a pinch, dole out the cereal bars. Look for whole grain and less than 10 grams of sugar.

…HA thought they might recommend fun, different things, such as peanut butter toast with a couple of M&Ms for a face, pancakes with a teddybear on them, homemade biscuit sandwiches, and so on.

…It’s also cold out, so hot items might be a good start. Oatmeal, Postum, and so on.

…Yes, they still make Postum, smartie. And Ovaltine.

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