Thursday, November 09, 2006

Some dieters indulge--in magical thinking

…AP medical writer Marilyn Marchione says a survey by GlaxoSmithKline shows that 70% of dieters tend to do it on their own and have no interest in a doctor’s help.

…A doctor of HA’s (short) acquaintance said HA could stand to eat less and exercise more. Since HA had never heard this, she was eager for the rest of his nutritional advice.

…According to this survey, a third of dieters have tried those stupid fat-burner things on TV. HA loves how they always show bikini-clad babes with the words “RESULTS NOT TYPICAL” in teeny type under their tense, ravenous bods.

…Another favorite is that woman with the honking laugh, who keeps saying, “Who wouldn’t want to be a size 2 in their 30s?” Bray, bray…

…There is no safe way to lose more than 2 lbs a week, docs say.

…This includes Xenical, made by (ta da) GlaxoSmithKline and soon to be on drugstore shelves where no doctor need be consulted.

…Please note that the survey picked people who had made a serious attempt to lose weight for at least three days.

…Three whats? That’s serious? This stuff takes years! Actually, truth be told, you need to be hungry for, well, EVER!

…And don’t try it if you have an unattractive laugh.

…Just because HA could not stand it, that’s why.


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