Thursday, November 09, 2006

Stand out (er, up) on your holiday flight

…If you are priming yourself for the pleasure of air travel this season, listen to Debi Lander, M.Ed., director of fitness for

…Do flexes and isometrics in your seat. (If people look at you like you are having a seizure, just smile.)

…Do read-end crunches, holding for 10 seconds.

…Since you probably can’t move much, exercise your hands. Squeeze a rag or even bring a hand squeezer.

…Take a walk. Hit the aisles, and breathe deeply. (As you race toward the bathroom, this could be misconstrued.)

…Stretch arms upward. There is usually room there.

…Meditate. Let the thoughts flow across your brain, but don’t leap on them and expand them or let them make you anxious.

…HA’s mantra: Don’t think, don’t think. (No jokes, pls.)

…As for plane grub, you may have to bring your own these days. Trimtalk’s director of nutrition, Jennifer Baumann, MD, RD, LDN, recommends prewashed fruit, airpopped popcorn sprinkled with butter buds and parmesan, pretzel sticks, nuts, string cheese, cereal bars, dried fruit, or baked chips.

…She also recommends water. Is that OK these days?

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