Thursday, November 16, 2006

Thankful when it's over?

…Are you as grumpy as HA about the coming holiday hoo-hah? Probably not. But try as she might, everything seems onerous to her.

…It’s been a sorta tough year, half empty glasses, this and that…Last week, the house next door burned, and a year before, HA’s house sustained a fire.

…Thankful to be alive, sure, but feeling the slog a little.

…We must look past this, says Nina Amir ( Check out that website name…This is going to be positive, right?

…We can always find something to be grateful for. Amir says a prayer of gratitude is much favored by the Prayer Receiver (this is a non-sectarian website).

…She suggests going around the table, each person saying something he or she is grateful for.

…She also suggests saying something that hasn’t happened that you are grateful for…in advance. This is a form of visualization, which many people think is a powerful force that can make things happen…er, manifest.

...HA imagines Uncle Harry saying, "Thank you for the BMW I am getting this year" and his wife snapping her head up and saying, "What?"

…Attract good things, Amir says.

…Guess HA better not complain that the taties got cold while everyone was manifesting, huh?

…Just ignore the little blonde grump at the end of the table.

…It’s better that way.

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