Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Want to look hot?

…Everything you read about makeup and facial care says to stay away from petroleum products, such as Vaseline.

…Good. Do that. More for HA.

…She has covered up whatever fancy face stuff she can scrounge with a layer of Vaseline since her twenties…and is pretty smooth now in her cough, sixt…cough.

…According to a story by Ginger Murphy in “Yes,” the beauty rag of the Arizona Republic, Milla Jovovich, some starlet and spokesgal for L’Oreal, says mineral oil is like other petroleum products—“You can burn it!” she cries.

…(You can make Molotov cocktails out of toner, so what?)

…Oh, it’s ON, babies! Tyra Banks says the opposite. She uses Vaseline on her lips and around her eyes (ditto for HA).

…HA read once that novelist Joan Collins (or is she the star?) also uses it.

…Some doctor was also quoted saying keep it off your face.

…A dermatologist, HA is supposed to believe some dermatologist?

…True if you have “problem” skin, zits, acne, etc., probably a thick layer of anything is cloggy.

…But if you don’t have “issues,” this nice, cheap, inert stuff holds moisture in and fluffs out wrinks.

…Listen to HA, now.

…She hardly ever catches on fire.

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