Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Women! Tell all to your doctor

…Ginny Graves writes in Shape magazine about things women don’t always tell their doctors.

…HA is like this—if the doctor doesn’t remember to ask or doesn’t figure it out, well, tough!

…Forty percent of women are like this, according to one survey.

…Tell the doctor whether you take herbals or weird supplements. These can interfere with prescriptions drugs or cause bleeding during procedures. Be esp careful with St John’s Wort. It can interfere with BC pills. You could be happy—but pregnant!

…Tell the doc if you want to get pregnant in the next year, Graves says. You may want to start on folic acid for those first few days of neural tube development in the baby. One doc reommends 400 micrograms of folic acid a day for 3 mos before trying to conceive.

…Social smoker! Own up. Even young women can get elevated blood pressure from smoking. Not to mention a million other problems.

…If sex is painful, mention it. There can be reasons for this—it is not normal. Most of those reasons are fixable.

…Do you use tanning beds? These are as bad as unblocked beachifying. Plan on regular checks by a dermatologist.

…Knees stiff? May seem like nothing to you, but it could be arthritis. The rhematoid kind can surface in the 30s and be characterized by tiredness and lack of appetite—or even a little temperature.

…Do you get an annoying cough for weeks at a time? Your airways could be overly reactive or you may have asthma. Don’t be worried that it’s lung cancer—the odds are on something less dire.

…Don’t worry—docs have heard it all. If you come up with something really weird,
you will even entertain them.

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