Friday, December 15, 2006

Are you addicted to "gastroporn"?

…HA knows how trendy you are.. You always have to be munching the latest fusion delights or picking at newly discovered fungi or something.

…Futurists Marian Salzman, evp of JWT Worldwide, and Ira Matathia, cofounder of the brand consultancy NoFormula, are way ahead of the likes of us.

…They are looking at how world trends are affecting what we will be eating.

…Matathia points out that not only are nationalities identified with certain foods, but the foods shape the people. “You are what you eat also applies on a cellular level,” he said in a press release, but did not explain.

…One trend is “gastroporn,” the incessant watching of food being prepared on TV. Food has become the object of voyeurism—more often than not, as we watch, we are scarfing a defrosted White Castle burger, so much for our gourmet tendencies.

…Personalized diets are also going to break big. People are seeing there is no diet that is right for everyone.

…New delicacies are emerging. Jicama, Greek yogurt, Portuguese peri-peri (whaty-whaty?). Tasting bars, classes, the fun we will have!

…Organic grazing is another coming trend. Forget meals…snacks, baby!

…Global foods are going mainstream. Many more ethnic things will be frozen and thus accessible.

…Or--more people will buy locally. Food will be hours from the field.

…The tug-of-war between sense and color/sugar will continue where the kids are concerned.

…AND, HA’s favorite, premium drink bars will crop up for awhile. Each will be organized around one type of liquor with a zillion variations.

…Ooo, ooo, let HA name these. Let’s see…Vod’s, Oddvod’s, RumDum’s, Teeny Mart’s.

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