Monday, December 11, 2006

Aw, heck, dogs are our babies

…There have been stories lately about how irked parents are when people treat their pets like human children.


…Writing in the WSJ (Dec 1, 2006), Joanne Kaufman tells how she met some friends from the Wayback and the woman inquired about her kids and she said she had a 1-year-old boy. The woman looked shocked—come ON, honey, you have to be 50!

…Kaufman was talking about one of her dogs, of course.

…Her dog is a member of her family, he’s on the answering machine. He lacks an opposable thumb, a college fund, and the sense to come in out of the rain but he is her kid, she says.

…Yeah, yeah, she has a human kid, too—but the dog is staying and the human is leaving.

…Another woman of Kaufman’s acquaintance could not conceive for years and had only her dog to talk about. Then she adopted a baby from China and when she went to Book Club to brag, the woman all had sullen teens and were focused on their dogs.

…Those people who a bitching that people think their dogs are equal to kids better remember that in a few years when their kids pierce themselves and start grunting and defying.

…Dog hardly ever get piercings.

…The defying? Yes, on occasion. It’s so adorable.

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