Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Do parties paralyze you?

…HA used to do a lot of networking and would always exhort herself to mingle, mingle, rather than talking to the person she preferred talking to.

…Writing in the NYT, Rob Morris says some people are freaked out by having to chat with strangers.

…One woman used the needles in the eye comment.

…HA never liked the name tags--people peering at your ta-tas (sometimes it was the name tag they were tring to read).

…It’s so easy to say the wrong thing once your mouth starts moving. “Oh, I heard about John, what a jerk. Oh. He’s your….what?”

…However, one woman who loved to chat was snubbed and made the snubber apologize! Now that is cool!

…If you are a mingle-phobe, as one puts it, Jeanne Martinet, author of The Art of Mingling, says have an opening line. “Are you having fun?” was suggested.

…Complimenting someone is good. “I love your necklace!”

…No jokes unless you can tell jokes (sadly, not everyone can).

…Don’t circulate with your partner…team mingling, not good.

…If you are listening, don’t look for someone more interesting. You can do that better while talking.

…Make a smooth escape…”Time to hit the buffet.”

...And, of course, you know the office Christmas party is not the time to get really really hammered, don't you? Not everyone will be )insert word boss here).

…As a rule, at a party, everyone is thinking about themselves, not you. Your dorkiest move will probably go unnoticed.

…Almost certainly. Sure. Nobody saw a thing.

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