Thursday, December 07, 2006

Do you know the time, pregnancy--wise?

…What if the biological clock were a real clock? Writing in the Los Angeles Daily News, Steven Rosenberg says it is!

…It’s the OV-Watch fertility predictor.

…It monitors the woman’s, er, perspiration, and detects chloride ions marking the coming ovulation.

…These ions surge three days prior to the estrogen surge, four days prior to the luteinizing hormone surge (detected in urine tests) and five days prior to ovulation.

…It pays to get the sperm in ahead of the egg’s dropping. You can figure it out.

…The OV-Watch is spendy—almost $200. But if your friends get too nosy, you can push a button and the word FERTILE disappears and it changes into a normal watch.

…Check it out at

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