Monday, December 04, 2006

Eat your age

…Every age group has different nutritional needs.

…This applies to both men and women.

…Both genders are active during the teen years so can get away with more calories, but girls need to emphasize the calcium. This is when they are laying down bone. Darks greens, milk.

…In young adult and child-bearing years, women should emphasize the folic acid (again dark leafies).

..Twenties is also the time to dial back some on the old cals. Women should be under 2,000, men under 3,000.

…Twenties is also the time to get enough Vit D, 200 international units a day until age 50. Also get 20 minutes of sun a day to make Vit D.

….Menstruation in these years can deplete iron in women. Use supplemented cereals or use an iron skillet.

…Upper middle age is the time to watch cals even closer—by now your bod is digustingly efficient at storing unused food as fat.

…Hit the fatty fish in these years—to prevent wrinkles and calm down arteries that could get inflamed and clogged.

…Post-meno women may be losing muscle mass. Ask the doctor about CoQ10 and selenium.

…Dairy and leafy greens again are needed in significant amounts to prevent bone loss or build back some bone.

….In your 60s and 70s, keep protein levels high, continue the supplements and watch the booze.

…Re the Fifty-and-Uppers, Tufts Univ has created a pyramid for Boomers.

…Fewer cals, of course (can these sadists EVER say anything else?), plenty of whole grains, peaches apricots (Vit A), romaine (time to break up with iceberg, sob), tons of fluids, sufficient protein, tacos, torillas, anything to spice up a lagging palate.

…As you age, the tastebuds deaden and die off.

…Time to really zap those puppies with sauces and spices.

…Of course, your body may have an immediate opinion on this.


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