Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Free food, al fresco

…Writing in the Palo Alto Daily News, Doug Oakley talks about the proud art of dumpster-diving…for food, not computer parts.

…No longer the purview of the homeless, sorting through gourmet shop and grocery store trash is now a favored way of conserving and dining well amongst some young folks.

…The two people interviewed are Berkeley grads with jobs who trashpick as a political statement—and apparently, as a dining strategy.

…HA always tries to cut you with the cutting edge, doesn’t she? (No applause, it’s a gift.)

…They are partial to the bakeries, apparently. Day-old bread is just a start. They also find tons of fruit and veggies.

…Even a guy whose life is devoted to stopping waste ( was thinking more in terms of donating food to shelters and food banks, not fishing it from the trash.

…He deemed dumpster diving a little risky because of microbes and rot.

…Even the hardest core divers cook the food carefully, they say. (One for the Big Book of Duh.)

…The store owners don't seem too disturbed about the bounty they discard, but they do decry the mess the divers make.

…HA does not recommend hanging out in alleys, which should pretty much cover this form of “shopping.”

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