Thursday, December 14, 2006

Gifts of health

…Someone once gave HA a whole bushel of oranges—not the airy-fairy ones from Harry & David, but regular old supermarket oranges. She really liked that gift!

…Vicki Rackner, MD, has some ideas of healthy presents you can get people.

…By gift of health, we don’t mean a bottle of vitamins.

…How about nice soap or lotion for someone who is bedridden?

…Or funny tapes or DVDs to listen to? Laughter boosts the immune system.

…Try some ballroom dancing lessons. Good exercise, too.

…How about worry beads? Knitting needles?

…Mind games or puzzles.

…Start a collection of your family’s medical records.

…Give hand sanitizer…the gift of not getting the flu.

…How about a photo album for your sibs? A friend of HA’s has a friend who made a recipe album, with family recipes and pix of the kids when they were younger.

…Exercise equipment can also be a good gift. Hand weights, for instance. A big purchase, such as a treadmill, should be carefully considered. They are noisy, people like to watch TV. How would this fit in? Check out

…Maybe a gym membership would be welcomed. A short one—so the recipient can see how they like it.

…How about one session with a trainer?

…A year of Jenny Craig? Well, you sure have to know the recipient! (“Honey, it looks like you need this.”)

…Maybe a nice facial. Safer.

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