Saturday, December 30, 2006


…Another health thing you don’t want—a detached retina. The surgery was three hours long, HA was awake, and the recovery, 24 hrs a day face-down for 12 days, was a challenge. HA, of course, invented much better ways to do it than suggested by the doc.

…Why are doc materials so cursory? This is when you really need good advice.

…HA may redo her doc’s materials.

…It will be weeks or even months before she knows if vision will return to her right eye.

…Because computer and reading should be somewhat limited, this site may only feature one post a day for awhile.

…HA realizes this is almost a parody of a country and western song, but a friend took her bouncy dog Spencer for the recovery period and somehow he was killed.

…First the eye, then her heart ripped out. Dog lovers understand, she is sure.

…HA is trying to maintain, but it is difficult. Please bear with her.

…Stay tuned for happier, larkier health tidbits.


twobuyfour said...

Your adoring public wishes you a speedy recovery for both your eye as well as your heart. Sorry to hear about your loss.

Star said...'s a grinding anyone knows who has been thru the loss of a beloved pet. Seems impossible...

Maybe I saw the table as being a little brownish with my bad eye, tho.

Hard to care...

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