Thursday, December 07, 2006

Have a healthy feng shui Christmas

…Katy Allgeyer is Fishgirl…the feng shui mistress.

…She has some tips on how to hoost your ch'i (energy) over the hassled hols.

…10 minutes of “Me Time” a day—mandatory. Meditate, read, drink a cup of tea or glass of wine, paint your toenails, walk your dog.

…HA spends her Mr Time thinking of how to get Me Time.

…Shop online to save time. Go to big sites like Amazon and knock it over.

…Drink plenty of water. Parties deplete you, rushing around cuts into your water routine. If you feel tired or crabby, try a big glass of cold water.

…Take time for friends as well as family. You are giving the gift of your time. You may have some laffs and learn something.

….Grab power naps. Lie down 20 minutes before that pary.

…Light the nite! HA is not big on candles, having had a house fire a year ago. But plugged-in lights light you inside.

…Turn up the tunes. Just play your favorites—they don’t even have to be carols.

….Although Rudolph is still a happenin' guy.

…Give to charity or be a secret Santa.

…Thank your mentors or those who have helped out over the year.

…Joy to the weird!

….For more positioning tips, go to

…All FIN-ished with Fish Girl! For now, anyhow. She’s cool.

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