Friday, December 08, 2006

Healthy tot hauling

...Ah, good times. HA remembers shushing a screaming infant on an airplane (she still never resorted to the Benadryl, though, what a good Mommy).

…Debra Holtzman, JD, MA, says there are several ways to make flights safer for yourself and your baby.

…She wrote, The Safe Baby, A Do-It-Yourself Guide to Home Safety, so she oughta know.

…If you can, fly nonstop. Dragging toddler gear through an airport—not so much.
Kids ears usually pain them during landings, too, so avoid too many.

…Plan ahead for the appropriate carseat to be used on the plane. Make sure it says it’s for aircraft. It also must be narrower than 16 inches.

…All children under 40 lbs should be harnessed or in a carseat with a harness. To sit facing forward, a kid should be at least a year and weigh at least 20 lbs.

…Inform the airline that you will have the child in tow. You may even get a break in price, even though the child is taking up a whole seat.

…A carseat must be in the window seat.

…Avoid the busiest times to fly…that way you may have more room to maneuver.

…Familiarize yourself with the aircraft. Look around for the exits.

…Keep your seatbelt on. Keep the child in the restraints.

…They will tell you this, but put your oxygen mask on first, should oxygen be necessary. You need a clear head to look out for your child.

…Bring games, books, toys, little snacks, new things the child has not seen before.

…And hope for understanding seatmates.

…In fact, bring them a snack, too. And maybe a nice bribe.

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