Friday, December 01, 2006

Old kids still all about the toys

…Can HA interest you in a game of Candyland?

…Writing in the Contra Costa Times, Jackie Burrell writes about captains of industry and lesser types who are still into their toys and games of yore.

…They aren’t Peter Pans living in their mothers’ basements, she insists. They are responsible grownups, but not willing to have a life without fun.

…One is building an amusement park. OK, that sounds entrepreneurial.

…Some go to miniature golf tournaments (OK, maybe once). Or play competitive kickball--on teams with names like Giggedy Giggedy Goo (OK, throwing up).

…Remember the movie “Dodgeball”? Those guys were not babies.

…Rejuvenability they call it.

…One stay-at-home writer found himself watching SpongeBob and eating popsicles with the kids all day and decided it was seriously fun!

…He is now divorced and has to buy his own popsicles.

…HA made that up. Probably.

…Of course, in some cases, this reverts to type. Instead of playing with the toys, people collect them and sell them on ebay. Kickball has league rules now and even paid coaches.

…”Rock, scissors, paper” has organized tournaments in Vegas.

…Oh, what can she say? HA is all about the fun. She and a partner have even invented a cartoon character. Stay tuned.

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