Wednesday, December 13, 2006 weird

…The other day, HA was reading in her room in the afternoon, and realized it was…so quiet.

…Silent almost, except for blood whooshing in her ears.

…Even as a fetus, according to Connie Midey, writing in the Arizona Republic (Dec 12, 2006), a person is affected by noise. HA remembers her daughter jumping around in there during loud movies!

…Basically, noise increases blood pressure and heart rate.

…It can cause fight-or-flight responses, which can save our lives or impair them. Loud noise=stress hormones. You can’t stop it.

…Clattery restaurants can make you eat more.

…Sit quietly for 10 mins in the morning, when hormones levels are highest.

…Children sort of know this—they will turn to solitary play at times, just rolling a little car around, or sitting quietly.

….Come to think of it, it’s pretty quiet right now. The cats are sacked out. The dog is dreaming in his purple director’s chair…

..It's just these tapping keys…

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