Monday, December 04, 2006

Some docs minoring in "plasticology"

…HA and her sister were at the eye doctor and saw a glass case full of high-end cosmetics and face gunk. At the eye doctor?

…Oh, yes. It turned out the eye doctor does lid lifts and to top off the change in appearance is flogging some precious potions.

…Natasha Singer, writing in the NYT (Nov 30), says lots of docs are branching out into the cash business of “looking better.”

…Dermies are spawning spas, gynos are heading for the other end of the woman.

…Naturally dermies and plastic surgeons are not thrilled, calling the unrelated specialists horning in on their territory “noncore” physicians.


…Dentists doing botox, urologists stripping veins…where will it end?

…Everyone, said one source, wants to be a “plasticologist.”


…This is cash upfront, no insurance, so wielding a laser at someone's face looks good.

…Perhaps the worst part is the metaphors. Can anyone with a pilot’s license fly both an airliner and a Piper Cub? demands one doctor.

…One woman, supposedly, asked for help with a botched botox treatment she got from an oncologist.

…Other plastic surgeons said the worst they had seen was skin ulceration with no scarring.

…If you want an obstetrician to peel your face, OK, but be sure to call a dermatologist to deliver your kid.

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