Monday, December 18, 2006

What Uncle thinks of us

…Woo-hoo, the Census Bureau’s 2007 Statistical roundup is out.

…First off, we sit around and soak up media a lot. Eight and a half hours a day! This is often done alone. At the same time, while hobby groups are up, clubs are down. More loneliness? Or at least—aloneness?

…More Americans were born in 2004 than in any years since 1960 and 1990. So someone must not have been totally alone.

…Manufacturing jobs are down nearly 18%. Bad times for the rust belt.

...We eat a lot and are fat. That is a routine one.

…The job projected to rise the fastest by 2014—home health aide.

…We are slugging down the bottled water…23 gals per person, which is 10 times what we drank in 1980. And also the high fructose corn syrup—fattening. That seems to be in everything we eat and drink, thanks to a strong agricultural lobby.

…Houses are bigger, 2,227 square feet, compared with 1,905 in 1990.

…Good news…27% of doctors are women, up from 12% in 1980.

…Mixed news. In 1970, college freshmen said developing a meaningful life was their goal. By 2005, 75% were all about making the money.


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