Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Capoeira, anyone?

…If you get sick of pole dancing as exercise (and let’s face it, the cutoffs and the sweat aren’t quite conveying the message you want), how about one of the new alternative workouts outlined by Jorge Cruise in USA Today Weekend (Jan26-28, 2007)?

…Group exercise has gone beyond step aerobics, Cruise sez. In fact, 24 Hour Fitness has 50 types of exercise class!

…Cruise even has a book out called 8 Minutes in the Morning. HA has reviewed it and those are some eight minutes!

…Have you heard of Capoeira, a 400-year-old Brazilian sport combining music, dance and combat? You have to be fit already or this one will flatten ya. Go to capoeirista.com.

…NIA is Neuromuscular Integrative Action. Think dance mixed with martial arts. Fifty-two moves. Visit www.nia-nia.com to get a book call The Nia Technique by Debbie aqnd Carlos Rosa.

…BalleCore. This is Pilates, Hatha yoga and ballet. Anyone can do it. Go to www.ballecore.com or get Molly Weeks’s book, The BalleCore Workout.

…Salsa! Anyone can do it! But can anyone do it without looking like Elaine on Seinfeld?

…Gyrokinesis. Gymnastics, tai chi, dance, and yoga—moving constantly. Combine with cardio. www.gytronic.com for classes or a DVD.

…Kettlebell uses a cannon ball with a handle for drills. The thing is heavy and you need proper instruction to keep from clocking yourself or someone else. Check out www.russiankettlebells.com.

…Oh, yes, it’s Russian.

…If you are strangely lacking in kettlebells and balletic yogis, how about a nice walk?

…Better yet, where is that darn pole?

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