Monday, January 29, 2007

Dark side of V-Day

…HA unromantic? Heaven forfend.

…She is just sayin’.

…Ruth Hudson. Seriously—this woman is an infidelity expert. She sponsors a Valentine’s Day Infidelity Awareness Campaign ( She also wrote Is He Cheating on You- 829 Telltale Signs. Notice a theme developing?
(Why 829? Oh, never mind.)

…Despite what people think about lovey-dovey V-Day, it’s when infidelity reaches its peak and Private Eyes are slammed with business.


…50% to 70% of Americans are victims of infidelity, she adds. That’s just the women! If you factor in emotional infidelity, cyber infidelity, same-sex, and the men who get cheated on, it’s more like 85%. This is what Hudson says, anyhow.

…If you suspect something, V-Day is the time to get the goods, she adds. A lot of the $13 billion spent on gifts at V-Day is spent by cheaters! Check the credit card and phone bills.

…You know what HA thinks?

…You may ask a question you don’t want answered.

…Still, if you are the one hankying and pankying, beware. The V-Day patrol may be out!

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