Thursday, January 25, 2007

Dealing with unreasonable people

…One run-in with a crab or dope can ruin your day. Suddenly you feel headachy, hopeless, and frustrated. Amd worse---still mad, even though the person may be long gone.

…Olivia Fox is author of the Pocket Guide to Becoming a Superstar in Your Field.
She has some tips for dealing with “some people.”

…Don’t tell them they are wrong. If you do they will cling to their position more strongly and like you less.

…Don’t interrupt—hear them out. All the while, maintain open, noncommittal body language.

…Count to five when the person stops talking, don’t rush right in.

…Don’t disagree with their feelings, even if you disagree with their facts or how they are framing the reaons for their feelings.

…Rephrase their complaint to make sure you heard it properly.

…If their body is rigid and locked up, hand them something so they have to change position.

…Mirror their voice level and choice of words.

…If all this fails, this is why they invented Cage Fighting.


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