Monday, January 01, 2007

Diabetes resulting in workplace skirmishes

…N.R. Kleinfield, writing in the NYT (Dec 26, 2006), outlines various ways workplace laws and customs discriminate against diabetics—they might fall into a coma, get befuddled, etc.

…Did HA mention that at her niece’s office at Chase JP Morgan, there is a red “sharps” container in the john for people’s needles? That is how common diabetes is in the workplace now.

…One UPS driver who was not allowed to test trucks said he felt like a “damaged piece of meat.”

…Other employees reported not being allowed to eat at their desks at their necessary mealtimes.

…Diabetes costs employers in terms of health care costs, too.

…Often these cases land before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commish.

…This means diabetics have to show they need this protection, but are not so sick that they can’t do their jobs.

…Many people try to cover up their disease on the job. Even being allowed more breaks to eat causes problems for some employees, whose bosses leap into the familiar, “If we do it for you…” refrain.

…Eventually, the truck driver was allowed to regain his commercial license and the EEOC reinstated him.

…UPS is still fighting it.

…HA has some hot news for people: Stuff happens to ya. You lawyers and officious, judgmental, young pup supervisors could be next.

…Why don’t we try to make the workplace safe and fair?


Motogrl said...

It's good to have ya back.

Star said... foot in front of the other...if your heart is beating, you need to try...

Maya's Granny said...

I feel very lucky -- my work place is very open and helpful about any conditions we have. I've never felt any need to hide my diabetes nor has there ever been any nonsense about it. Of course, I work for the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependency, and a number of our people are in long term recovery, so there is a tendency to accept people.