Friday, January 19, 2007

Have you kissed your feet today?

…Susan Brink, in the LA Times, writes about the miracle that is the human foot.

…What an appendage! (HA’s are cold right now, this is AZ?)

…The foot walks uphill, downhill, it constantly changes pitch, all while absorbing an impact equal to 3.5 times our weight.

…It has 26 bones, 33 joints.

…But it’s two enemies are: hard surfaces and the shoe.

…Concrete strains that neat little arch thing. Then if you add a shoe that is a teeny bit too short or rubs and you are adversely affecting almost every bone, muscle, and ligament in your bod!

…That little tootsie of yours took millions of years to develop. The Big Toe stablizes the foot and allows us to walk upright (helpful when dating).

…The baby to the middle toes help us stand still.

…Some people can use toes like fingers—they still have that ancient grabbing ability.

…Anyone who wears shoes has deformed feet, docs say.

…Every time a kid outgrows a shoe by a little and you don’t notice or put off paying for new ones, the deformity increases. One doc said it was like foot binding.

…One answer may be to strengthen our feet. This means…exercise!

…You need to find a foot aerobics class. These amount to scrunching your toes all around, sometimes separately from each other, for half an hr a week.

…Of course, always dry your feet carefully, don’t let toenails grow under, and watch those Manolos, ladies.

…Feet are considered erotic in some cultures. HA had her first-ever peddie (courtesy of her daughter) and her feet looked pretty cute.

…She even began to like them better and appreciate them more, though at the moment they could be warmer.

…Hear that, down there?

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