Thursday, January 04, 2007

Health networking--kicky trend in socializing

…HA swears, humans are as chatty, empathetic, and social as meerkats.

…Writing in the WSJ Dec 27, Laura Landro mentions a site called, where people and caregivers chew everything over.

…HA can gratefully report that during her current troubles (health and pet), her online pals have saved her life.

...HA's family was also fabulous. Her daughter waited on her hand and foot and her loyal sister read to her (amazingly fun) and ran errands. Everyone was wonderful and HA is so grateful.

…HA also put up instructions on how to do the facedown retina recovery…to try to pass on the good stuff to someone facing the surgery she had.

…If you know someone facing this, go to

…Podcasts are bursting forward. Google has a new health search engine.

…Cooperative sites called “wikis” are helping people cobble together contact lists and instructions.

…Govts are getting into it, nonprofits, patients, families, helpers.

…Sometimes patients can even have “characters” called avatars to represent them.

…Some sites are three dimensional. See The Centers for Disease Control has even held health fairs on that one! (Special software required.)

…The American Cancer Society uses it to raise money, though.

…Yipes. HA wouldn’t know a wifi if it bit her on her health(y) ass.

…Time to wise up.

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