Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Nosebleed--and not the seats

….Winter dryness, branches to smack while skiing—it could be nosebleed time.

…Connie Midey tackled this attractive topic Dec 26, 2005, in the Arizona Republic.

…Seems Rudolph isn’t the only one.

…HA isn’t sure this applies to large, fictional hooved animals with nasal issues, but in humans the blood vessels in the nose are tiny and close together. Just ripe for rippin’.

…Some people get the “gush” from just leaning over.

…Remember those kids in school that were like that? Both ick and fascinating! They had to get that weird floor compound to clean it up—do they still make that—like adding dirt! Only schools ever did that, HA thinks.

…Anyhow…Of course, little-kid type picking is not the only cause of nosebleeds. Cocaine use can thin tissues and spring leaks, clotting disorders or drugs can be to blame, high blood pressure can be a culprit.

….If you get a nosebleed, forget the cold cloth on the neck routine (the old wives were having an off day).

…Sit up, tilt forward. Squeeze your nose firmly for 10 uninterrupted minutes, no cheating!

…Repeat once if it starts again.

…Call the doc if you think this has gone on more than 20 minutes or something is in the nose or the nose might be broken from an injury.

…A dab of Vaseline in the nose at night prevents most nosebleeds caused by dryness.

…Bleh. Don’t you hate being your own science project?

…By the way? That clothes pin? Joke. Don’t do that.

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