Friday, January 12, 2007

One word--plastic

…Does this picture fill you with dread? Do you have “wrap rage”?

…That’s the fuming, seething feeling when you try to penetrate some molded plastic glued to cardboard with spaceage tenacity. Space age? This stuff holds on BETTER than the tiles on the Space Shuttle.

…HA once told you the story about having the Flexible Packaging Assn as a client and suggesting the cover of their annual report show a woman chewing her way into a package (they were not amused).

…Packages are made this way to keep people from stealing the contents, JoAnn Hines, says. She calls herself The Packaging Diva. (

…Do you ever feel like Wile E. Coyote trying to pry these suckers apart without plunging a steak knife into your palm?

…Or stabbing your curious toddler in the eye as she comes in for a look?

…Surveys have shown that 93% of people prefer paper packaging.

…What a joke—they MEAN they hate the inpenetrable plastic! Betcha.

…JoAnn Hines can be reached at if you have more to say. She is asking for “good” clamshell-enclosed products. Knock yourself out.

…She is also interested in tips for opening these puppies safely.

…Slightly different subject? A reader informs me that making omelets in a Ziploc bag is a no-no. Apprently some camping enthusasists and even Rachael Ray have suggested this. That kind of plastic is not made for boiling, in water or a microwave.

…Something about unleashing deadly chemicals or something.

...Sounds like a bum idea.

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