Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Over half of women living without a hubs

…Sam Roberts, in the NYT (Jan 16, 2007) says 51% of women now live without a spouse, whether widowed, divorced or never married.

…HA has a friend who read this and said: “I am finally in the majority.”

...Ah, to be mainstream.

..Wait—Jane Wyatt was mainstream, married to a dominant male and mother of two.

…Mainstream isn’t what it used to be.

…Married couples are also a minority of households.

…Women in their 30s often have roommates not permanent mates.

…Black women are even less likely to hitch their destiny to a guy—only 30% are married and living with their husbands.

…Marriage is no longer the main institution organizing people’s lives, one expert said.

…That’s quite a statement.

…We have reached a tipping point, another said.

…One woman said she looked at all the weddings she attended in the 80s and sees how they turned out.

…The women who don’t set out to find another guy value their alone time, they said. They do as they please.

…Men tend to marry more quickly after a divorce—53% are living with a spouse.

…HA was kicking this around in a sort of bemused way with another single friend. She doesn’t want to be a nurse, mother, or provider to a male.

…Especially the latter. A second income amd someone to pal around with would be nice, ask any writer. But you don’t find many guys with a decent dowry these days. If they have money, they may have gravitated toward the trophy woman.

…One gal in the Times story said she rolled over on “his” side of the bed and thought, “Hey, I like this side.”

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