Monday, January 22, 2007

Postpartum pops

…No (ha ha), he didn’t give birth. But research shows new fathers can also bum out.

…Most of it is situational, nor hormonal. Up all night with a baby screaming, the wife is stressed or postpartum, other kids may be acting out with the newcomer in their midst, expenses are mounting.

…Instead of a strictly hormonal explanation for women, too, the docs have decided home situations, money, workplace pressures, fatique, and genetic background can come into it for both genders.

…According to a story by Barbara Yost in the Jan 16, 2007 AZ Republic, researchers at the Univ of Iowa interviewed 808 new dads in eastern Iowa and found that 6.3% had indicators of depression (partner depressed, persistent sadness, lack of interest in activities, no joy in the baby, loss of appetite, sleep disturbance, and thoughts of hurting himself).

…Another study showed 14% of mothers and 10% of fathers may have postpartum depression.

…Childbirth brings a loss of freedom and a layer of new responsibility.

…Men may not be sure what their role is.

…They may have to share their partner with the baby, too.

…But, of course, many men don’t want to talk about these emotional issues.

…One doctor says he just calls it depression, not postpartum depression, when dealing with men.

…Men would have more fun with their families if they treat it, he added.

…There might also be less child or spouse abuse.

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