Monday, January 15, 2007

Purses or anvils, ladies?

…HA startted putting her pocketbook in her pull-behind shopping cart (what her daughter calls her “goobermobile”) and now can hardly walk around a store carrying her purse without whining about how heavy it is.

…Writing in the NYT Dec 7, 2006), J. Courtney Sullivan says one woman’s chiro would not even treat her unless she lightened the load.

…Big bags are in now. The celeb x-rays like Lindsay and Paris tote them to make their bodies look smaller in comparison (this according to E!News and who is HA to doubt?).

…The woman above “compromised” by not bringing the bag to her appointments, thus cleverly thinking her chiro would forget about it.

…Women are now suffering wholesale from “kid backpack disease.”

…HA remembers picking up her daughter’s backpack once and almost falling over. It was like a bag of star matter!

…Holding your cellphone on the same side as the purse makes it worse—did you know that?

…You are probably telling your friend on the phone…man, my shoulder hurts!

…Some women almost brag about having to have MRIs because of their purse addiction. Gee, that’s a good use of $1500.

…Big bags can trap you in revolving doors, too.

…The Chloe Paddington bag has a half-pound padlock on it.

…The docs recommend changing shoulders (HA cannot stand that) or putting it dead in front of you (now there’s a look).

…A big bag can also be self-fulfilling or at least self-filling. The more room, the more you think you need to bring. One woman lost $2K worth of stuff to a thief.

…Are we idiots, ladies? We need to dial back!

…HA carries a pretty modest little number from a place with “Mart” on the end. Still, she prefers to drag it behind her in her cart.

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