Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Smells, a source for good?

…Apparently some stench got going in New York that was so bad New Yorkers complained!

...New Yorkers!

…Smells can flood you, overwhelm, and slam you back to past times, feelings, and sensations. Have you ever walked through a perfume dept and remembered people you dated who wore each scent?

…But not everyone agrees.

…Writing in the LA Times (jan 8, 2007), Health Sense reporter Judy Foreman says, in effect, that harnessing the power of smell for “good” is backed by so little evidence the govt’s alternative therapy arm does not even mention aromatherapy.

…They are now studying whether lavender is relaxing, lemon uplifting, and whether odorless distilled water does anything emotionally or physically.

…Yet, evidence is skimpy. In 2000, Foreman reports, 66 women were given sniffs of rose, jasmine, and lavender, but they had no more effect than the control (hair conditioner smell).

…Other studies have found a similar lack of effect on pain, nausea, and other ills.

…Yet, doesn’t the smell of vomit have such a strong effect that people can vomit from it?

…Also smells can be linked to circumstances. Smelling roses walking with your mother in a garden is different from smelling them on her coffin.

…Uh, yeah…OK.

…HA still thinks nice smells count and make each day a little easier.

...Look at all the air freshener people pay for.

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