Thursday, January 18, 2007

Trend for 2007: Locavores eating warted hubbards

…The Chicago Trib laments the passing of small plates and squeeze bottles of condiments…so last year.

…So what’s next, new, hot and sexy in the world of food?

…Weird fruits, for one. HA once wrote about these horned melons, acai, Chinese wolfberries, and other exotica. And she tasted some. Let’s just say: Better as a concept than a snack. Still, $67K worth of rambutans were sold in 2006, up from $16K the year before. What is a rambutan? HA was going to ask you.

…Squash will be, as The Donald says, yooge! Delicata, warted hubbard…don’t they sound fabulous?

…Tea! This is coming back strong, despite never leaving. Black, white, green, red, herbal, you name it. Goji Berry Pomegrante is a flavor coming from Celestial Seasonings.

…Chips and crispies go international. Thai Chips, Kettles Roasted Red Pepper with Goat Cheese Chips. Potatoes? Over with chipwise. Look for cassava, Indian pandums, plaintain, yucca, and boniata chips. Boney-whatta?

…Sushi is history. Japanese food will be, get this, COOKED! HA has to admit this is a relief.

…Stuff willl be good for you! Crammed with flavenoids and carotinoids. And maybe some other oids we haven’t heard about yet. There will be oids!

…Forget Mexico. Now it’s Spain, babies! Spanish wines will flood the country. Ole!

…Wines will be grown in biodynamic vineyards without pesticides or fertilizers. Of course, some winemakers may pass on the biodynamic practice of burying manure-filled cow horns in the vineyard during the autumnal equinox. Some people get into the voodoo aspect, remarked one winemaker. HA hates that.

…Micro breweries will still be around, but micro distillers will join them. Look for DiVine—vodka made from grapes. (Didn’t that used to be called grappa?)

…Listen for the term, “terroir,” which means all the factors that affect a plant, soil, air, altitude, etc. Usually applied to wine, this will slop over onto chocolate…and you will find single-origin chocolates and the like.

….You may become a “locavore,” meaning you will only eat food that comes from within 100 miles of you. Check out

…Fame will shift from chefs to farmers. I guess if you are a locavore, you will be on a first name basis with your rock star provider.

…HA finds this amusing and she learned some new words. But to her, it’s the same old Blue Box.

…Os should she say, “Bleu”?

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