Thursday, January 11, 2007

We don't eat nutrients, we eat food

…Of course, some people eat food that has no nutrients. This can be counterproductive.

..Cough, cough, Krispy Kreme…

…I love Larrian Gillespie. She is a medical doctor, bon vivant, loves food and is an awesome cook.

…One also assumes she is normal weight and all hoppy and athletic.

…She has come out with a cookbook of stuff called The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Total Nutrition Cooking.

…Yes, we are being beset right now by all the dieting yackety-blab, but this is a good one.

…HA knows you have been casting about for better ways to prepare collard greens and acorn squash.

…The right foods can help fend off high BP, some cancers (they think), and other ills and nuisances.

…Larrian even includes 7-day menus. Take the thinking out of it! (HA’s motto, by the way.)

…Best of all—there is a technique in there to make perfect hardboiled eggs without all those pockmarks and rips on them. The smooth kind. Like real cooks make.

…HA was alarmed, though, to see a recipe for Tweetie omelets. Tweetie? Our Tweetie (no, not Chris Matthews).

…HA is confused. The omelets don’t even have chicken. HA guesses canary omelets, though, would be better portion-wise.

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