Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Why we stress-eat, if anyone knows

…Do you know people who undergo stress and stop eating? Nah, neither does HA.

…Those folks on their so-called “Divorce Diets”? From another planet!

…Writing in the Washington Post (Jan 23, 2007), Sally Squires looks into why we eat when the heat is on.

…Some people crave salty foods when pulling an all-nighter. Some reach for the cookies during a breakup.

…Yet, those killjoy scientists point out that fight-or-flight is the usual reaction to stress (for women, it’s tend and befriend). F-or-F means the muscles must be ready for action—not hampered by a heavy meal. So the face-stuffing goes against biology.

…The brain certainly isn’t calling out for calories to work better.

…Those affected the most by splurges under stress are those who normally watch their cals.

…Also this splurging thing can also occur when engaged in a fun activity. Personally, HA thinks it's all related to the pleasure brain chemical, serotonin, but no on asked her.

…Meanwnile, while the scientists mull, the stress and happiness eaters stock up on “better” stuff like nuts and yogurt, so the bad stuff isn’t there.

…Some of them walk around the building a few times. Walk it off—HA can relate.

…The best thing to remember, HA thinks, is that a binge moment will just add to the stress.

…Wouldn’t want a vicious circle. Unless it could chase you around and provide some exercise.

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