Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Wine pills? Are you nuts?

…Zachary M. Seward, writing in the WSJ, advanced the idea that the anti-aging stuff in red wine (resveratrol) could be taken as pills.

…Ooops, the docs don’t even have a clue about whether this is effective.

…Consumers also don’t know how to navigate all the weird claims and dosages.

…The mice got the equivalent of hundreds of glasses of wine (luckies) and did show an increased lifespan.

…Or maybe it seemed longer!

…People ran out and bought these pills, anyhow!

…One guy was pounding them in at the rate ot 36 a day.

…Look, Ma, no hangover!

…A lead researcher decided to start taking the pills, though he won’t say how many.

…Apparently there aren’t many side efx if you take too much. At least that they know of so far.

…The FDA is low-keying it. They can’t regulate a product for being nonsense, but they could do something if it came up as unsafe.

…Aw, just have a nice glass of Pinot Noir and don’t think about it!

…Now, that’s living.

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