Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Addicted to HBO? Just wait

…Beginning March 15, HBO is splashing with a 14-part documentary series on drug and alcohol addiction called The Addiction Project.

…As 1 in 4 Americans struggles with a family member addicted to something, addiction itself is being redefined. Now, experts look at it as a chronic, treatable brain malfunction as manageable as diabetes or asthma.

…It’s not lack of character or skankiness. Chemistry, babies!

…Of course, this thing is going big—a book, DVDs, website, podcasts, web streams, indie films on addiction! Everything but lunch boxes (hey, maybe HA gave them an idea).

…20 heavyweight doc makers will be showcased. People such as Jon Alpert, Barbara Kopple, and Albert Maysles.

…Drug abuse costs $366 billion a year in health care costs and lost productivity.

…More than 22 million adults need treatment for illicit drugs or alcohol, but only about 4 billion get it. The reason? Cost! Insurance barriers! Who but the Britneys of the world can go to rehab?

…You only have to look at the battered wives shelters, workplace fatalities and injuries, automobile accident stats, burglaries, robberies, murders, broken homes, shattered families and total heartbreak to see that drugs and alcohol have touched almost everyone’s life in one way or another.

…If there are biological reasons more and more people get addicted and fewer can quit or control it, it’s time to look at this.

…Police time and endangerment and paying for people to sit in jail has always seemed wrong-headed to HA. The War on Drugs, so-called, has ruined lives and is a failure.

…Talk about treating a symptom while the disease runs away with the body.

…HBO. March 15th. It’s not TV—it’s medical education.

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