Tuesday, February 27, 2007

BYO mud?

…On February 24, 2007, the WSJ wrote about do-it-yourself spas. The reporter was invited to go out on a partially secluded lanai off the pool of a fancy hotel and smear on her own mud wrap.

…Then, when hardened or detoxed her or whatever, she could hose herself off in sight of loungers at the pool.

…She opted against.

…Apparently the fancy spa industry expanded too fast and demand is not keeping up, presumably resulting in cuts in staff and extra-tony service.

…Trained massage or facial therapists want $50 an hour and up.

…Self-serve, the story said, has novelty appeal to spa goers. Right, novelty appeal.

…Hotels like the Four Seasons, charge $1,000 for a spa day. At those prices, smearing on your own mud is not an enticement.

…One woman who has tried it both ways says she pays as much as $350 for full-service eucalyptus scrubs and prefers not to scrub herself.

…Is this all one for The Big Book of Duh?

…Well, the WSJ apparently thought it deserved further attention and they made the ultimate sacrifice of trying both methods in several places. At the self-serve places, they found it was hard to follow complicated treatments and still stay relaxed.

…One was the DIY mud bar at the Ritz Carlton. Patrons paint each other with different colored muds and then shower, with a therapist then stepping in to apply lemon-scented lotion and a professional massage. The cost? $370 for a couple for 90 minutes.

…This was $20 less than for a regular couples outing.

…HA would want the Cabana Boy. Period. Not that this will ever occur.

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