Thursday, February 08, 2007

Do you really need that One A Day?

…According to Sally Squires, writing in the Washington Post on Jan 16, 2007, more than half of Americans take a multivitamin each day, but the evidence is not conclusive that there is any good reason.

…According to a panel at the National Institutes of Health, there is not enough evidence to say this is good—or that it is bad.

…Still, we fork out $23 billion a year for those things.

…Even the AMA has said it’s a good idea to cover bases by taking a vitamin pill each day.

…Now, though, there is some evidence this could even be bad. Vitamin A can be overdone and can even lead to increased risk of osteoporosis if consumed in too large quantities.

…Many vitamin pills have 100% of the daily requirement, so what happens if you then eat a calcium-rich salad or drink milk or eat carrots? You know—eat stuff?

…Folate is another one. It’s good for child-bearing age women who might get pregnant and not know it in the early stages when their babies’ spines are forming. So now, they are chucking folate into bread, pasta, etc. Too much can be bad for older people!

…At very least, scientists say, don’t take a daily vitamin with 100% levels.

…Also, if you are 50 or older, think about taking a vitamin B12 supplement. This will help you fend off the folates in everything.

…Or would it be a case of here we go again?

…HA has heard that “timed release” vitamins are sort of ineffective in older people. Has anyone else heard that? Something about aging stomachs—HA repressed it.

…She ran out of those special, senior, silver, heavy-duty vitamins ages ago. Not reupping.

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