Friday, February 16, 2007

Dog anna two

…HA once lived below a couple with a standard poodle who would put his arms on the wife’s shoulders and dance. He was huge! It was so cute, it began HA’s love of poodles and dogs with poodle anywhere in them.

…Writing for the AP, Kim Nguyen talks about a new art form—dancing with your pooch.

..Canine freestyle, my babies—to “Boot Scootin’ Boogie!” Forget the Pilates—this is exercise.

…The craze is invading kennels, doggie day cares and stock shows everywhere. The duos, human and better than human, dress up like square dancers!

…One woman did the splits while her dog jumped over her legs, Nguyen reports.

...Uh, OK.

…In another story on this, one woman said her dog had better rhythm than she did and she felt like a clodhopper compared with her pet.

…The musical selections mentioned seemed a little country-ish/excessively patriotic (“It’s a Grand Old Flag,” etc).

…But there are doggie dance clubs now in Colorado and elsewhere. And a trade association—World Canine Freestyle Assn in New York (

…Fifteeen thousand people may be out there waltzing around with Fido.

…In Britain, this is so popular, it’s part of the huge Crufts Dog Show.

…All agreed—This will put a smile on your face, even the dog’s.
…Like that poodle did so long ago.

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