Thursday, February 22, 2007

Indulge all your senses--at your desk

…Margarita Bauza, writing in the Detroit Free Press, quotes Chris Scharrer, exec director of Leadership Oakland in Michigan, as saying you need to exercise all your senses, including that humor one, while at work.

…Simple joys of life—even at work—seems to be the idea.

…Your sense of sight can enhance your work day if you have at least one pleasurable point of focus…a picture, screen saver, flower, something.

…Look out the window (if you have one), watch the trees blow or the trash fly out of the cans and twirl down the alley or whatever. Concentrate on it for a second.

…During your commute, try to control what you hear besides fighting kids or traffic horns.

…Whatever you have for a snack, make it last, enjoy each bite.

…When you pick up your warm coffee mug, wrap your hands around it—take comfort.

…Peel an orange, watch the oils spring into the air, smell the fragrance.

….Note: Toner does not provide the same olfactory rush.

…HA thinks a sense of irony is also valuable at work and should be exercised at every turn.

…You spent so much time in your career peeling oranges and listening for the lilt of a cell phone that you can’t retire now and have even more time to enjoy the feast of the senses we like to call work.

…Relax, HA is just being HA. Go have a nice bubble bath in the restroom.

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