Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Insulin pen remembers your doses

…Eli Lilly has introduced an insulin “pen,” which records your doses. It’s (somewhat weirdly) called the HumaPen MEMOIR.

…It has a “push to know” display that allows patients to record the last 16 doses.

…It’s preloaded with Humalog, the Eli Lilly insulin brand and will also come with smaller doses.

…It doesn’t look needle-like and is discreet.

…The easier to use, the better for diabetics to remain compliant, the company says.

…In another study, a third of patients studied said at least once a month, they had forgotten whether they had taken their insulin.

…Of experienced pen users, 81% preferred this one. Pens are popular in Europe, apparently, but here most of the nation’s 4 million diabetics who inject insulin use the needle and vial.

…One possible catch. It costs $100 plus the cost of insulin. (Lilly will offer half-price coupons.)

…Lilly says it took seven years to develop this device. Is it any wonder drugs—and insulin pens--cost so much?

…For more info, go to (Pen pictured not the Memoir--an uploadable version was not available. The Memoir however, looked more Cross-like and less clunky than this one.)


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