Thursday, February 15, 2007

Out of rehab--all better now?

…Loree Taylor Jordan, author of Detox for Life and Fat and Furious, is called the Colonic Queen (and you thought your nicknames were bad).

…She takes on the shrimpy little Hollywood princesses knocking back the shooters, DUI-ing, "fainting," etc.

…She says all these gals are in denial.

…Anorexia is really about being out of control and acting out, she says. The victim seeks to seize control of food—if nothing else.

…But at the same time, they lose control of their health.

…The only way to break the cycle is with honesty. They must admit they are in danger.

…The media, Jordan says, seems to think that if someone goes to rehab, they are done with the problem.

…Once you have an addiction—it is never over!

…Sober weeks turn into sober months, then sober years.

…Jordan has struggled with these problems herself for years. She once drank only water.

…HA wonders where the colonic thing enters in. Isn’t that a form of purging? Is it addictive?

…HA means for others, not for her.

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Loree said...

No colonics are not addictive and it is not a form of purging....simply detoxifying the body in a healthy manner....
Loree Taylor Jordan,C.C.H.,I.D