Friday, February 02, 2007

Paid naps

…Natasha Singer writes in the NYT (Feb 1, 2007) about nap salons that are cropping up. That’s nap, not nail.

…These are special places for people to sleep. No, not a hotel room, not a spa. A spa? How 15 minutes ago can you get?

…No, these are places for people to dispose of their spare money to sleep.

…One, called Yelo, in NY, has seven private rooms that can be rented for 20-40 minutes.

…Each chamber has a beige leather recliner (oops, no hot sheets), dimmer lighting, a drowsy soundtrack and a cashmere blanket.

…Clients also book foot massages for $65 to send them off to dreamland.

…Sleep is the new bottled water, quipped the author. (Arg.)

…Everyone is piling on to make people think they aren’t sleeping well. Restless nights have been medicalized now.

…In those commercials, Abe Lincoln and that beaver gas on about how people need to dream.

…People are soaking in sweet-smelling baths, huffing aromatherapy, breathing special ways.

…Those napping pods at Yelo? They called called YeloCabs.

…Don’t try to tell me that beaver didn’t come up with that one!

…If HA jumped into a YeloCab, draped herself in secondhand cashmere, and paid to nap, she would have eyes wide open as the meter ticked.

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