Thursday, February 01, 2007

Stifled creativity--bad for your health?

…HA has heard that 10% of the population is so-called “creative.” But everyone has something they want to pursue, make, or do, don’t they?

…So what’s stopping you?

…Linda P. Morgan is professor emeritus at the Univ of Oklahoma and author of a textboook titled Strategic Publications: Designing for Target Publics.

…Morton has analyzed some blocks to creativity. Check these out.

…Believing you have to be an artist can discourage you. Creativity is as much skill as talent. Skill can be learned.

…Not learning the fundamentals. You need to know these no matter what you try.

…Not collecting samples of projects you like. You need to be aware and check out the possibilities.

….Waiting for your muse can be a long wait. Too long.

…Failing to be systematic. Analyze your market or audience. What would it take to reach them?

…Not knowing your key message or what you want to convey is a problem. You should be able to state this in one sentence.

…Letting your conscious (and probably critical) mind do all the work. Gather information consciously, then let your subconscious work..

…Settling for your your first attempts can kill creativity. The first idea may be OK, but multiple tries may make for a better solution.

…To these, HA would add: Listening to detractors. Trust HA on this one. People always know a million reasons something won’t work. Usually they will volunteer these insights. You don’t have to ask.


…You’ll feel better for it.

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