Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Tick, tick, tick...see ya

…Eric Nagourny writes in the NYT (Feb 6, 2007) about the compressed timeframe of today’s doctor visit. The managed care system has created an assembly-line atmosphere of long waits followed by lightning-fast encounters.

…Some researchers at Texas A&M videotaped 400 sessions with older patients, 65 and up.

…Patients brought up an average of six subjects and got a 5-minute answer for one and about a minute for the others.

…A doc HA’s Mom saw had a sign in his office, saying, “Due to new Medicare reimbursements, one question per visit will be answered.”

…You know what? HA knows docs have it hard, but come ON! Sit on a tack with that one! Older people have stuff falling off them—take it from HA. They have trouble explaining and articulating what might be a quite complicated sequence of events.

…HA once had a doctor make hurry-up hand motions while she talked!

…When the doctor stands there almost the whole visit with his or her hand on the doorknob trying to look casual and caring, well, it’s stress-making!

…In another context, though, the “doorknob moment” refers to the things people bring up right at the end of their doctor appt.

Now, this is on US—the patients.

…HA has written on this subject for WebMD. The most common “embarrassing” things people don’t bring up right away are mental illness, sexually transmitted diseases, sexual orientation, sexual dysfunction, bowel and bladder changes, obesity, diabetes, domestic violence, memory loss, and drug abuse.

…Look at it this way—you won’t have much time. Don’t be shy—most docs have heard it all.

…Even WAY yuckier stuff than you have!

…So spit it out.

…Ooops, bad choice of words.

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